• Who we are

    Hustle Media is a partner of the leading video hosting companies of the CIS market in distribution of influencers video content and its monetization

  • Partners

    We cooperate with more than 100 video creators who receive income not only from the monetization of their YouTube channel, but also from more than 30 other video hostings.

  • We can

    We are able to make effective and pleasant interaction of influencers with advertisers.

246 Influencers
89 Hostings
3 Years on the market
75.846 Monetized videos


  • WHY US?

    Flexible and individual approach to each rightholder and partner.


    Minimum Commission, fast and transparent payments for the right holder.


    Contracts and affiliate programs with all major video hosting companies in the world.


    You get a personal Manager, lawyer and accountant. Just make content and get paid!


    Comprehensive proposals for the integration of advertising in the content of the copyright holder.


    Help in creation of SP, or LLC. Since we do not support illegal translations.

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  • Media Person Promotion

    Our agency will help create a media person from the start.
    We will write the script, film the videos, make it trending.

  • Shooting videos

    Shooting is made on top equipment in the best studios.
    Each video is provided with competent direction.

  • Producing Artist

    Writing, recording, processing and distribution of songs on the platforms.
    Full producing artist until his profile is approved "Blue stick".

Our team

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Oleg Hamov Director of Business Development
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Evgenia Tkacheva Head of Talent Department

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